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When you need to target a specific area of the body, using a CBD topical is your best
method. Depending on your preference, we offer both a balm and a stick solid. Our
topicals are made with premium shea and cocoa butters which are rich and moisturizing to the skin. Along with our full-spectrum CBD oil, we infuse high quality ingredients such as organic essential oils to enhance the benefits. Essential oils have a unique chemical makeup which offer benefits for the body and mind.

Our products also contain menthol crystals which when applied topically to the skin produces a cooling sensation. Our topicals are designed to saturate and penetrate the skin and muscles to provide maximum relief and nourishment. We offer our balms in varied strengths to fit your exact needs. We pride ourselves in offering to the public pure products that we stand behind with complete transparency.



Product Highlights:

● Total CBD: 500 mg
● Full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD + other phytocannabinoids)
● Sourced from domestic, non-GMO hemp (Extracted using supercritical CO2)
● Tested for potency and purity in a certified third-party laboratory
● Less than 0.3% THC (non-psychoactive)
● Organic Essential Oils which have a unique chemical makeup that offer
benefits for the body and mind.
● Menthol crystals are refreshing, cooling, and have various health and wellness
benefits. The crystals support your body’s immune system and natural ability to
defend itself and heal.



● Full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, Organic Shea Butter, Unrefined Cocoa
Butter, Castor Oil, Menthol Crystal, Jojoba Oil, Arnica, Camphor, Copaiba,
Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Wintergreen
Essential Oils, Organic Beeswax, Organic Lidocaine, Capsaicin Oil,

Directions for Use:

● Rub directly onto skin in the desired location.
● Store your topical CBD solid stick in a cool and dry place, away from excessive
light, heat, and/or moisture.


Product Analysis:

- 100mg (Click to open)

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